Saturday, September 5, 2015


The 2015 General Election ended well and to an average indigene of Enugu State the election ended as predicted in the State. The emergence of Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as the consensus candidate of PDP prior to the primary election was greeted with an unprecedented acceptance and as such many observers believed that the general election will just be an ordinary formality for him. Even though there are still pockets of weighty litigations pending in courts, challenging the emergence of Gov. Ugwuanyi, we brushed it all aside as ordinary distractions that will never dampen our resolve to vote for the Man we love. 
The reason for this general acceptance is not only because of the charisma and leadership qualities of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, but also as a result of the fact that beneath the metropolitan makeover of Enugu State by the past administration, lies excruciating level of poverty, unemployment, acute insecurity and lack of basic amenities, especially in the rural areas. And Gov. Ugwuanyi’s emergence was seen as the greatest opportunity we have to experience a government that is grassroots driven, people oriented and selfless. And going by the antecedents of the Man fondly called Gburugburu, the expectation is utterly so enormous, and no room for excuses.
After the election, the expectations keep gaining massive traction  and what supposed to give the Enugu Sate people insight on what Ugwuanyi’s administration will look like signaled a serious danger. And that is the appointment of Commissioners and Special Advisers. The reason this signal must be taken seriously is because people expected that there will be a total change from what we usually have as Executives. The teeming youths that fought doggedly for the election with overwhelming passion to match our expectations with a team that can deliver, was reneged to give way for the usual Gerontocrats.
However, I am not saying this because those people appointed are not reasonably qualified and experienced but because most of them are career politicians that will always find their way into any Government circle to be relevant. And it is obvious that virtually all the past administration did not live up to expectation and most of this people played significant role in those past administrations.
It is equally a signal that Enugu State is becoming one of the Sates that bears the agonizing brunt of PDP defeat at the National level, because most of the Politicians that usually hibernate in Abuja for the past 16 years of PDP rule during their time of irrelevance in the Sate returned massively after the election, since the wind of change at the Federal level is not giving any sign of creating a space for career Politicians to hole up.
Equally, it is logical for one to be circumspect when somebody who is in a position to contest for the Presidency is now begging to be a Councilor, not because he is not qualified to be a Councilor but because the salary of a Councilor will not be enough to fuel the cars in his entourage, let alone taking care of their palatial homes and litany of servants.
This scenario negates the principle that to whom much is given much is expected, because most of the appointed Executives have occupied higher positions in the past and the office of Commissioner or Special Adviser to the Governor can be likened to a demotion, and that is my concern. We all know that lack of job satisfaction kills creativity and passion for proper performance. That is our fear, and I will like them to prove us wrong by doing the right thing.
The core essence of this piece is not to cast aspersion on any person but generally to make it clear that we know the antecedents of the Commissioners and Special Advisers and we are watching them with keen interest. When people are part of old brigades, it is reasonable to fear that they may not perform well in the new brigade that will match our expectations. We all believed that with Gov. Ugwuanyi at the driving seat, things will no longer be as usual, but how can he achieve that by engaging the services of the usual people? Time will tell.
When I saw the list of our Commissioners and Special Advisers, I told myself that it must be a mistake, that maybe they mixed up the list with that of 1990s or 1980s, how can we be expecting a Change by recycling men that have served us to the best of their abilities during their youthful age and they are still here to turn things round. Does it mean we don’t have smart, creative and hard working Youths and other distinguished Technocrats that can do better? Is it equally a sign that our youths are only good as political cannon fodders and thugs?  Tom Peters made it clear that “Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders”. And if after all these years our leaders did not create more leaders that can fit into this lesser positions they now occupy, it means they failed this cardinal quality of good leaders.
The whole scenario reminds me of the Bible narratives in Luke 17:37. When Jesus told his Disciples about rapture, His Disciples asked Him “where will this happen Lord?
Jesus replied, “Just as the gathering of vultures show there is a carcass nearby, so these signs indicate that the end is near.”
The prevailing reality is that oil which serves as the backbone of our revenue nosedived to a record low in the World market, leaving our economy in shambles, to the extent that even the Federal Government is borrowing money to pay workers.  And all the elected officials are looking for ways to reduce the cost of governance. And some Governors and Even the President pledged to be taking only 50%of their salaries. In this perilous time, I doubt if the crop of Men in Enugu state Cabinet can ever curb the living expenses they have been used to as a sacrifice for the general wellbeing of our people. And if they continue in their usual life style with retinue of personal assistants, concatenation of latest SUV cars in their entourage and incessant oversea trips, we can as well say that the end is near for Enugu Sate.
Let it not be that our hallowed Sate will now serve as a resuscitating vestige to some ravenous politicians that failed during the election. And let this Executives prove us wrong by ushering in a Government that will match the unprecedented expectations with commensurate actions. And when this Government performs creditably irrespective of this red signal, we will keep shouting Gburugburu in pious reverence and absolute respect for the Man we voted for as a bridge builder that can tighten the gap between the rich and poor in our State.
Finally, let all the ravenous vultures that are hovering around our State thinking that it is the last bastion of carcass to be devoured steer clear. (042 Is Our Pride- Ashua Azua)

Barr. Ozor Ozoduru I.C

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