Tuesday, September 15, 2015


My life is a testimony that i can win a lottery without purchasing the draw ticket. I am saying this because it baffles me that an average sperm ejaculated contains from 20 Million to 250 Million cells, and when i was conceived, i can say that about 100 Million of my potential Brothers and Sisters did not make it, and i am here to tell their story. Equally, according to World Heath Organization about 4 Million of Pregnancies end in miscarriage yearly. About 9 Million Children between the age of 1 to 5 die every year. Why must life be so cruel to such vulnerable and helpless children at such a crucial stage of early life, knowing that a Loving God created them for a purpose, and i am asking if part of the purpose is to suffer their Parents? And if the plan is to suffer their Parents why must the innocent kids be used as scapegoats for what they don't know? When a woman fail to give birth for some years after marriage, they will consult every conceivable prayer house and if they eventually give birth, the Almighty God will take all the Glory. Then conflate it with the fact the Boko Haram boys kidnapped more than 400 women and raped them and more than 300 of them are pregnant, without any identifiable father, and grime future for the children. Why must God allow those innocent girls not only to be successfully raped repeatedly by men challenging His existence, but also allow the girls to conceive of children which most married women pray for without success for years? If God is a perfect designer why must He allow 250 Million potential individuals to be wasted in a single ejaculation?, will it not be economical and reasonable to strengthen one single cell at a time that will make the perilous journey into the ovary? I hope one day i will meet Millions of my Brothers and Sisters that did not make it, so that we can unite again and stay as we normally do in the sperm duct then

Ozoduru I. C

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